Disaster to Mukesh Khanna over Lakshmi bomb, he said: "If I had got involved with any other religion, the sword would have come out."


Akshay Kumar's film 'Lakshmi Bomb' will be released in a few days. The promotion of the film is currently underway. So nowadays ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ film is facing a lot of problems. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Everyone is being questioned from the title of the film to the story. Many people are also criticizing Akshay Kumar for being Asif in the film. A lot of people are demanding to ban this film. Actor Mukesh Khanna, best known for his roles as Shaktiman and Bhishmapitamah, has also reacted to the controversy.

Mukesh Khanna has shared a poster of Lakshmi Bomb on his official Instagram. Mukesh Khanna has rejected the demand for a ban on Lakshmi bombs. In his view, the demand for a ban on a film that has not yet been released cannot be raised. Just watched the trailer The movie is still pending. The actor also feels that the title of the film is definitely controversial. He further wrote that adding a bomb with Lakshmi feels a little bad. The ideology of commercial interest appears. Should it be allowed? By no means can you name the movie Allah Bomb or the rogue Jesus? If not at all then how Lakshmi bomb?


Statements have already been made about this film. In this situation, Mukesh Khanna is repeating the same old facts. In his post, he has criticized every filmmaker who insults Hindus in the name of film. Mukesh writes that only film people can do such work. They know this will make a lot of noise. People will boom. Then there will be silence. But the film will be promoted.


The film is about to be released. On the first day people will run to get tickets. This has happened before and will continue to happen. Only the masses can do this. One thing is clear that there is no fear of Hindus among these traders. He considers them tolerant. Understand the soft target. They know that if someone takes a pango with another religion or sect then the swords come out. That's why taking them doesn't make a movie title.
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Mukesh Khanna wrote at the end of his post, "Some people are calling it Love Jihad or Islamic Fund. May or may not. After spending 40 years in films I can say with this claim that every producer wants to see his film hit. So this is a maneuver. Mukesh Khanna's post for Akshay Kumar's film 'Lakshmi Bomb' is going viral on social media.

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