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20 shampoos in india worst to best

20 shampoos in india worst to best

Which shampoo do you use Dove pentine loreal or Sunsilk? Have you ever read the ingredient list of your shampoo? If you haven't then let me tell you this. It's scary. There are many toxic chemicals in shampoos, which are linked to a fall irritation illness and even cancer. and if you are unknowingly using a shampoo, which is toxic it is doing more harm to your hair than World using such a moving gradually weaken your hair and you These issues like dandruff earful and even diseases. 

It is very important to use a shampoo, which is gentle on the hair and the under landscape. So which shampoo is the best let us find out Hello friends. Welcome to victory over for this blog. I bought almost 20 shampoos some from the supermarket While others online and thoroughly examine each and every ingredient on all these shampoos and was quite disappointed. David you too will be shocked to know that the most popular shampoos which are used by the majority of Indians have the maximum number of toxic chemicals at them and when I say toxic, I mean they are really damaging these ingredients include detergents petroleum products insecticides pesticides and whatnot. One more thing, which I noticed during the Intensive research of this blog. Was that the ingredients in the different varieties of the same brand what almost the same? 

I have divided all these 20 shampoos into four categories on the basis of number of harmful chemicals in them. So let us see in which category to fall these shampoos for them 

category. Number 1 includes shampoos like Garnier tresemme Head and Shoulders, L'Oreal ,Pantene Pro-V ,dove, Clinic plus ,sunsilk ,all clear which have more than ten toxic chemicals in them. These in my opinion are the worst of the kind it is so So disappointing to know that the shampoo grants which we have interesting since childhood or the main villains not only these but the so called herbal shampoo by Himalaya also falls in this category other herbal shampoo is like dabar vatika and Nyle Naturals are no different even the not so popular horrible shampoos, like kesh King Mira and karthika are no good. We all know that beer is good for washing hair.

 However, this made from real deer shampoo by Park Avenue is true. Disappointing all these shampoos have everything which is harmful for your hair including strong fragrances and artificial colors coming to category number 2, which includes shampoos like Johnson's Baby and vows apple cider vinegar shampoo. These are a little better than the category number one, but are still far from the best if we compare these two shampoos with each other wow is better as it is free from sulfates. Overall. 
They have around six to seven toxic chemicals including Artificial fragrances and colors in category number 3 for shampoos. Like I wish biotic and patanjali.

 These are the shampoos which are trying to fool their customers using over smart marketing tactics. All these shampoos mentioned only 10% of the ingredients on the bottom. I don't understand if your shampoo is made from 100% Botanical extracts, then why do you have to hide 90% of its ingredients? And what is the reason that the 90% of the ingredients of a sham? Fallen the so base to which the customer has no access if only 10% of the ingredients in your shampoo are from natural herbs.

 It doesn't mean that shampoo in our basic medicine doesn't at least the shampoos in category. Number one our Frank about their ingredients such more practices doesn't make these shampoos trustworthy. Are you shampoo also has mentioned three preservatives used in it, which are all highly toxic similarly patanjali shampoo contains, Gloria. 

Artificial color and fragrance biotic has completely hidden all of it. I have tried contacting these Brands but I did not get any satisfactory response. The bottom line is this I cannot recommend you any of these shampoos. So we have seen more than 15 shampoos in three different categories, but none of them have been impressive. So is there a shampoo in the market which can be used on a daily basis without worrying about it side effects. Thank God there or shampoos by coffee. Which Fallen category number 4

These are the shampoos which have no toxic chemicals. These are herbal shampoos. Real sense. They have no toxic chemicals, no strong fragrances and not even artificial colors. These are the shampoos which I can recommend to anybody of any hair type without an iota of Doubt Connie shampoos come in many variants and all of them are equally good now. I want to make this very clear that this blog was not sponsored by causing or any other brand for that matter, whatever I have spoken in this blog or any of the previous blogs of this series is my honest opinion.

 I'm Not associated with any crime, no brand has paid me to be all this. So I hope you found this blog. I'm trying to cover almost all the shampoos available in Indian market, but still if I miss the shampoo. And it would show equality. Friends that's all for this blog. Please let me know in the comment section. Which shampoo have you been? Who's a good analogy?

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