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Now a day, Motorola is the good going company it wraps off very first foldable device its name is Motorola Razr! The new smartphone for join very limited of selection foldable device launched this year, including Samsung galaxy fold and Huawei mate X. But, the Motorola Razr's price is lower than these phones.
Motorola Foldable Razr: Release date, price, availability, and more.

This does not mean that the Razr is cheap! Conversely, it is still a very expensive device, especially when you consider that it has much weaker specs than the Mate X or Galaxy Fold. Nevertheless, the design of the device is very different compared to foldable and maybe a practical product that will get people interested in the foldable future.

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Motorola razor 2019 release date

Motorola Foldable Razr: Release date, price, availability, and more.

Motorola formally launched the Razr on November 13, 2019, at an event in Los Angeles. 

Motorola continues its partnership with Verizon and is offering the Razr as an exclusive on that carrier. Pre-orders for the Razr will open on December 26, 2019, and general in-store availability will begin January 9, 2020.

It is likely that the device will eventually be available as an unlocked model, but initially, only Verizon customers will have access to the device in the United States.

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On Verizon in the US, the Motorola Razr will cost $ 1,500. You can either pay for the gadget or pursue an installment plan and pay $ 62.49 every month for the following two years. 

motorola razr 2019 price and availability

This cost is somewhat lower than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which begins at $ 1,980. It is essentially less expensive than the Huawei Mate X, which begins at € 2,299 (~ $ 2,529). In any case, with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of inside capacity, just Snapdragon 710 is ready, one marvels why the organization can't value the Motorola Razr v4 for not exactly $ 1,500. 

The gadget will initially make a big appearance in the US on January 9, 2020, and will quickly follow in Canada in mid-2020. Motorola says that Razr will likewise arrive in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia at some point one year from now, yet accurate dates and estimating for every single other nation are presently obscure. 

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