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Top 5 Best Social Media Sites for more Traffic to website.

In This Field Of website you will be able to share your link on your social media account.
There are many types of social media sites that you get traffic on your website.However you will Post on your website and Share on Social Media Website.there is Many Social media sites that give you traffic that you want on the post that you want.

Here is the List of Social Media Networks


Facebook is Most Popular Social networks in the world.it has 2 Billion People of World.When You Publish Your Post in to Your Sites and share its link on Facebook wall,Group,Page And Messanger you will get much traffic to your website.
Facebook is build on High Algorythm thats keeps your data Safe.


Instagram is facebook's product that allows you post photos,videos and story.
If you have 10k+ Follower then you put swipe up types story on your insta story.If you have more follower than you get traffic on your site or blog.
If you put your website in profile data you will get traffic on your website who
click on your profile link.


Twitter is Social media network that give you follower to follow.when you tweet your website on your twitter account your followers seen your tweet and you get traffic on your website.


Pinterest is most usefull social media website to get traffic.if you have more followers then you get most of traffic from pinterest on website.
if you have more followers on pinterest that you can get more traffic from creating pins on pinterest.


Whatsapp is Social media but it is text Messaging network with your mobile number.if you have more users and groups then you put your website link and get traffic from whatsapp.

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